virtual training course on coastal management in the Mediterranean

CV&C 2016

WELCOME ABOARD MedOpen CV&C trainee!

We are starting our joint journey now. We wish you a pleasant and fruitful trip, a lot of discoveries and fun ...


If you are a Basic trainee, read carefully the Lecture 1 (out of four in total) and take a test - a short game, which enables you to compete with the other trainees. After you have finished the lecture, proceed at your own pace.

To obtain the MedOpen CV&C Basic certificate the total percentage of points won in the test should not be less than 65%.

Game scoring

Your score will be displayed in the "score list" under the name you have selected.

You may take each game twice. After taking the game once, correct and wrong answers will be indicated. After the second trial, the game option will disappear from your page.


  • Below each question there is an indication of the total number of points you might win when answering a question.
  • For the final score, a better result will be taken into account.

Time counting

  • For each game your time score is being monitored. If your computer does not support the JavaScript, time will be counted by your server. You won't be able to see it, but we will get the information. If two trainees have the same score, the one with better time will be positioned higher on the top-list.
  • Time will be monitored only during your staying on the game page. If you go back to the lecture, the time spent there won't be taken into consideration.
  • Time is calculated in the total amount, meaning the time needed for the first and the second trial is added.


If you are taking the Advanced training session, your task during the first four weeks of the session will be to read carefully the four Advanced lectures introduced on a weekly basis (i.e. one lecture per week) together with the additional reading materials, including the scientific articles. In the end of each lecture there is a short test.

In the second week of the training session, your Simulation Game (SG) co-ordinator introduces the practical SG and the Work plan. The game develops during the three weeks, in parallel with the introduction of lectures 2, 3 and 4, while the fifth week of the training session will be reserved for consultations with the SG co-ordinator and the finalisation and submission of the SG Final essay. This essay will be jointly prepared by all the trainees, based on the instructions your SG co-ordinator will provide you with.

By the end of the training session, all trainees prepare the Final essay. The aim of the Final Essay preparation is to enable you, the trainees, to apply knowledge obtained and skills learned during the training session. The essay may be prepared individually, or in groups of two or three trainees.

The important part of the training is the discussion at the Forum - a place where you, the trainees, discuss the lecture topics. Therefore, the Forum is designed to share ideas and comments with your lecturer and among you, the trainees, with a focus on building your knowledge and skills. Only the capacity to interactively communicate through the MedOpen CV&C Forum will enable this training session to meet the demands of your Advanced group.

All those who have actively participated in Forum discussions,  prepared the Final Essay and jointly with other trainees prepared the SG Final Essay, will be awarded the MedOpen CV&C Advanced certificate.

Delivery mode

Internet, e-mail

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